Our Client

Our client is one of London’s tallest and most recognisable buildings. Situated in the heart of the city and overlooking the River Thames, it is occupied by some of the world’s leading businesses and visited by thousands of people every day.

Mixed-use Occupancy

The building contains 34 floors of office space, 3 floors of bars restaurants and number or viewing terraces and public spaces.

High Footfall

The building has received more than 10,000 visitors per day on average over the lifetime of our contract.


The building provides circa 700,000 square feet of office space and can comfortably accommodate more than 5,000 office workers.

High Profile

As an iconic building, the property is the focus of substantial social media and mainstream media attention.

Our Contract

The property is set amongst a number of key transport hubs in a busy city-centre location, our team has adopted new procedures to reduce the risk of infection.

Our Team

Our team of 60, operates to the highest physical and risk mitigation standards.

Length of Relationship

We have supported this building for over 5 years and our client recently re-awarded the contract to us.

Services Provided

The scope of our solution includes:

  • Manned Guarding
  • Front of House
  • Post Room
  • Loading Bay services
  • Control Room Operation


  • 95% average on KPIs over 5 years
  • Highest occupier satisfaction score of all service providers
  • Named the most Emergency services and Police friendly building in the City

Our Response to COVID-19

As many of the tower’s tenants must remain open to carry out their essential work, our security team is deploying additional measures, which have been carefully designed, to reduce the risk of infection for the buildings occupants, visitors, and the general public. Our work has enabled our client to continue functioning and providing an excellent service to tenants.

Ensuring Resilience

A full Team on standby to take over should 1 Team need to self-isolate, giving the site full resilience

Infection Control

New procedures are in place to minimise interpersonal contact and reduce the potential for cross-contamination.  Equipment such as radios and control room surfaces are disinfected daily.


The need for additional PPE was identified early and orders were placed in February. Stocks of masks and gloves have been made available to all team members.


Our EHS, BCP, Pandemic Response teams  are issuing regular bulletins to our people and clients. Our team issue real-time updates and guidance via our WhatsApp site security group.

Enhanced Training

New training includes:

  • People movement management
  • Case response procedures
  • Infection control procedures
  • New customer service and guidance procedures
  • Protection against exposure

One Team Approach

We take a ‘One Team’ approach, filling the gaps for other service providers. We continue to move quickly and adapt our solution as the situation unfolds.

Central Support

Our contract manager participates in a Daily conference call with the CoLP Silver command. Our BCP and EHS teams are providing support to our client tenant during these difficult times.

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