In response to the global outbreak of the COVD-19 pandemic, Bidvest Noonan would like to share some of the actions we are taking in response to this situation. As a large business across both the UK & Ireland, our primary objectives are to protect our people, our customers, the general public and deliver those services (where possible) that assist in this global response. It is important that you know that we are well prepared and are working hard to ensure you are well supported and protected during these unprecedented times.

Bidvest Noonan’s Pandemic Response Team

Chaired by the group CEO, Declan Doyle, our Pandemic Response team has collaborated, since early February. Today, we conduct all our meetings over the internet. All technologies required to work remotely were well established in our business before the outbreak. Our response team comprises 40 managers who engage daily to review and monitor the work of 15 sub-groups. They drive workstreams that directly impact safety, business continuity, supply chain, communications and our daily operations.

Business Continuity Plan

Through our Risk & Compliance team we’ve published our COVID-19 specific BCP that provides a detailed plan on how we will prepare for, respond to and recover from this pandemic. While the core elements of the plan remain unchanged, we update as needed to reflect this evolving situation. A copy is available on request.

Tracking global & local developments

Our Response Team maintain a formal tracker on all publications from a range of organisations including the World Health Organisation, the European Centre for Disease Prevention & Control, Public Health England, the Department of Health Ireland, the National Health Services (UK) & Health Service Executive (Ireland). All relevant publications are cascaded through the business daily.

Keeping our people, our customers & the general public safe

The safety of people safety is our priority. We work hard to ensure our people receive the information, training, PPE and sanitisers to stay safe. We are proud of the work 0ur management teams are doing. They are on constant alert, going way beyond expectation, in communicating with people, to ensure our people are safe our customers are well supported.

How we are communicating in this crisis

We are using a broad range of platforms to keep our people, customers and stakeholders informed of events in our business and information about this pandemic. Our communications channels range from social media and email to toolbox talks and our employee app.

How we are protecting jobs

With over 20,000 directly employed people, we pride ourselves on our reputation for putting “People First” and will look to protect the livelihood of our colleagues. We are being creative and finding ways to redeploy our people, maximising our efficiency in certain client sectors and providing rapid response and contingency in other sectors. Our customers have been very supportive of  this objective.

Our focus on customers

While we place the wellbeing of people as our core focus, we are remaining vigilant to the, in some cases dramatically, changing needs of our customers. We understand the potential impact this event will have on many customers. We remain agile and adaptive. We are designing short, medium and long-term solutions that support customer’s needs.

Ensuring we have the supplies customers need

We have taken the steps needed to ensure our supply chain can support our customers. We continue to leverage our current supplier relationships, and with the help of some new entrants to our supply chain, are satisfied that the supply of materials, PPE and chemicals does not present a risk to our operations. In our Pandemic Team, we have a dedicated sub-group who report daily on this activity.

How we have enhanced our support for customers

We continue to provide cross-functional support to our customers and continue to develop new solutions to meet our customers’ needs during this pandemic.

Vacant Buildings

Our teams are supporting clients who need to shut down buildings. They are completing important tasks such as  isolating water and gas and ensuring alarm and access systems are fit for purpose. Their work ensures buildings are maintained and kept safe while unoccupied.

Coronavirus Disinfection

Our industrial teams are busy  disinfecting sites all across the UK and Ireland. We help businesses who have experienced coronavirus cases, and companies requesting regular disinfection as a preventative measure. Our teams apply highly effective viricidal chemicals to all surfaces and touchpoints to destroy the virus, rendering the workplace safe for use.

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