In March 2020, we received a call from a pharmaceutical site in Wicklow. Our client had experienced a suspected case of COVID-19. The site, which has an area of over 40 thousand square feet, had been evacuated. Our client needed us to disinfect the site and return it for use as quickly as possible.

Our industrial division quickly deployed a highly trained disinfection team and developed a plan which would enable us to return areas for use in line with our client’s business requirements.

The team used EcoStatic technology to speed up the application of the disinfectant solution. This technology allowed the team to work up to 5 times faster than is possible with conventional sprayers. The team applied powerful disinfectants that are non-irritant, non-toxic, non-corrosive, which means they would not have a harmful effect on our client’s people. The disinfectant remains active on surfaces for up to 28 days, providing the site with additional protections.

We returned an area of over 14,000ft2 to our client every 1.25 hours. We returned the entire site for use in less than 4 hours.

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