One of London’s most iconic attractions, our client’s site is visited by over 3 million people every year. It is a world-renowned museum that houses some of the world’s most famous artefacts. With multiple floors, each unique in their way, it is a dynamic and challenging environment.

Our client required a flexible and bespoke to meet challenges which included increased footfall at weekends and public holidays, restricted timeframes and events, and conferences taking place throughout the year.

The scope of our solution includes cleaning, portering, grounds maintenance, waste management, and the provision of washroom consumables. We have a large team of highly trained operatives working shifts that meet the activity peaks.

We use leading-edge technologies and management practices to ensure an excellent service is delivered. We work to look after our people and get the basics right. This approach and the high levels of employee engagement we have achieved have delivered results. Our client’s site is always in pristine condition. Our team members perform as ambassadors for our client and our productivity and staff retention rates are excellent.