With countries around Europe easing their lock-down restrictions, management teams everywhere are planning the return to their workplaces. Before calling employees back to your facilities, ask yourself these 6 questions:

Do you have all the safety supplies you need?
You may need to stock up on PPE, hand sanitiser, safety signage, and other supplies to keep your people safe. We can support you.

Has your facility been disinfected?
Your people may feel safer returning to the workplace if they know their facilities have been treated with the appropriate disinfectant.

Do you need to schedule a deep clean?
It’s a good idea to deep clean a premises after any prolonged vacant period. This will provide a more comfortable and hygienic environment for staff and visitors.

Can you ensure social distancing and other safety policies are observed?

Additional security officers, signage and floor markings can help ensure occupants and visitors stay safe while using your facilities.

Are your Fire Systems still fit for purpose?
Fire alarms, extinguishers and suppression systems should be tested to ensure they can protect building occupants. Oil boilers, Diesel fire pumps, and sprinkler systems should be checked and validated

Are your Fire Systems still fit for purpose?
Legionella is a waterborne bacteria that causes the deadly Legionnaire’s Disease. Outbreaks of the disease have been associated with assets and systems including Drinking Water Fountains, Air Handling Units, Sprinklers and Hot and water systems. Where risk exists, testing is advised.

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