Bidvest Noonan’s Tiffany Satchell was a double winner this month. Tiffany scooped the Security Officer of the Year award at the prestigious NAHS Conference Awards just last week and she was a winner again at the 2019 Bidvest Noonan Awards. The National Association for Healthcare Security recognised the massive impact Tiffany makes for our customer and the patients they support.

The judges of the Bidvest Noonan annual awards saw this first hand. Tiffany’s role is challenging, she deals with people with complex issues every day. She greets every person with warmth and a kind smile, making their visit to her centre as pleasant as possible. Our judges said Tiffany is an excellent communicator and interacts with everyone courteously and politely. She has an eye for detail and a hard-working attitude with a reliable nature. She is committed to her role and no task is ever too big. We are all very proud of Tiffany.