Reception Services

A warm welcome and a highly professional service every day

Where our corporate reception teams are deployed, our clients can be reassured that their guests will be effortlessly assisted – from the time of their arrival until the time they leave. Our corporate reception teams will:

  • Be identifiable in a uniform chosen by the client – reflecting their style and culture
  • Anticipate the needs of each client and their visitors
  • Excel at creating positive and lasting impressions
  • Continually review and improve the look and feel of the reception area
  • Maintain a bespoke front of house handbook containing key information and helpful tips
  • Ensure that a high-quality, ‘concierge-style’ service is offered to clients.

We understand that people need to feel relaxed and confident in the building where they either work and/or live. With our attention to detail, we will ensure that front of house and reception areas are maintained and enhanced.