Education Sector

Carefully designed solutions and brilliant teams to help educators meet their goals

We deliver security, cleaning, and technical services to schools, colleges, and universities all across the UK and Ireland. We ensure their staff and students are safe, the property is protected, buildings are clean and facilities are in good order. Our clients trust us to look after their campus while they focus on educating the next generation. We never let them down.

We believe success is built on doing the basics well. We focus on getting the basics right every day. We start by designing the right solution for our customers. This means taking a fresh perspective, questioning the status quo and imagining other ways of working. We take time to study the campus, to understand our customers’ needs and priorities. We work out all the challenges we need to overcome and how we can leverage our skills and resources to bring more value to our customers.

Technical Services for the education sector

We understand our education sector clients may be working to a tight budget. Our solution design expertise and teams of exceptional people enable us to provide our clients with exceptional value and service.

Our people are well-trained and highly motivated to support our clients. They safeguard hundreds of thousands of students across the UK and Ireland. They ensure our clients’ campuses are safe, clean and comfortable every day. Our people understand how to support large multicultural and multi-denominational student populations. They know how important their role is, and they know how to help our clients meet their goals and stay within budget.