Police & Justice

Bidvest Noonan provides a wide range of civilianised services to the police, prison and court services. Our strategic partnership with police forces has freed their officers and management to focus on key policing duties, resulting in cost-savings. We have expertise in 14 different service lines within our police and justice sector including:

Civilian Detention Officers
Our Civilian Detention officers assist with the detention of detained persons and maintain the safety, security and treatment of those individuals. Our officers perform a wide range of tasks including: completing custody records, preparing and serving food and beverages to the detainees, assisting the custody officer by carrying out checks on detainees, and conducting any other delegated tasks such as conducting swabs, finger-printing and cleaning cells.

Call Handlers
Our call handler provide a multifunctional service to the public and members of the police service, determining the response to emergency and non-emergency telephone calls. They offer advice and assistance to customers and log calls using the incident grading methods, in accordance with local and national quality and performance standards.

Station Enquiry Assistants (SEA)
Our Station Enquiry Assistants’ primary responsibilities include dealing with members of the public who call at stations, directing enquiries to other police departments and recording and maintaining records.

Transport coordinators
Our Transport coordinators support the vehicle requirements of our Police and Justice clients. They maintain service schedules and ensure that vehicles are safety inspected and serviced in accordance with the relevant guidelines. They provide assistance and support to all police officers and police staff in relation to vehicle and transport requirements.