“The real power of a leader is in the number of minds he can reach, hearts he can touch, souls he can move, and lives he can change.”

We want to recognise one of our own, Marcin Bien who was awarded Supervisor of the Year 2019 at our annual awards. He thinks quickly and takes action whenever he is needed, often showing tremendous bravery.

In 2017 there were record high winds in London and during this time the London underground had just opened a new station entrance. Unfortunately, due to the high winds, a very large metal roof plate dislodged from the roof of the entrance and flew to the ground, before rebounding and striking a pedestrian. This caused major head injuries. Marcin was one of the first on the scene and improvised using the metal roof plate as a stretcher and with the help of others carried the pedestrian into a nearby building before administering first aid. Marcin’s swift actions played a major role in saving the gentleman’s life.

In 2019 a young female attempted to enter a building wielding two large knives. Marcin was first to respond again. Marcin gave chase and not only had the female discard both knives but also detained her until the Police arrived. Marcin and the other responders received a letters of thanks from the police saying “It is clear that your actions were instrumental in assisting the Police and the public and I wanted to thank you, your bravery is so very much appreciated”.
Congratulations Marcin – Your work is admirable!

Supervisor of the Year